What are the main differences between "WINGS" and "TheDAO"?

Main differences:

  1. Model - WINGS is not a decentralized Venture Capital but rather a smart contract facilitation platform; It provides smart contract templates and the needed tools to easily setup new project DAOs. Each new project on top of WINGS is individual and independent, with its own set of tokens, customized programmable contracts and funding process. The goal with WINGS is to make a platform for people to easily launch their own, and engage with, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.  We don't see a world with just one monolithic DAO.
  2. Accessibility & Promotional tools - The implementation of ChatBots (and ChatHubs - like we have in our Telegram group which is a merge between Telegram and Slack) that allow easy access to major project features in order to increase user participation and involvement. WINGS also provides project creators  tools that allow them to create their own community and involve it in the project, even before the project crowdfunding has started.
  3. Forecasts Markets & Ratings - Absolutely anyone can submit a new proposal to the platform. WINGS introduces incentivized forecasting by allowing (and rewarding) token holders to forecast on specific proposal factors (such as success in crowdfunding, release of milestones, etc). Token holders also have the ability to mark such a project proposal as spam or inappropriate, thus allowing for decentralized project filtering. The quality of the forecasts affect the user's forecast rating, which plays several roles as well.
  4. Decentralization & Blockchain Support - As mentioned previously, WINGS allows anyone to submit project DAO proposals and it does so in a decentralized manner. Using the blockchain for storing metadata and IPFS for file storage, anyone can download the WINGS software and access the network from their own computer. Also, WINGS will support a variety of smart contracts of different blockchains - starting with ETH and/or RSK. 


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