Do I have to pay a fee to the WINGS platform to create a project?

Submitting a project proposal or a decision request will require a listing fee that will be dynamically set according to the forecast rating of the account submitting the proposal. Token holders can mark proposals as a spam, instead of forecasting a specific result. If a majority of WINGS token holders participating in the forecast have marked a proposal as a spam, the listing fee will be distributed by the platform to these individuals. This measure aims to discourage the creation of spam or low-quality proposals, which take the attention of the token owners away from real high-quality proposals.

Once the project is backed, a portion of the newly created DAO project tokens will be distributed as a reward among the WINGS token holders with the most accurate forecasts. Proposal creators may choose to reward forecasters with their DAO’s native tokens instead of with a portion of collected funds. The proposal creator will be able to specify the ratio of DAO project tokens to collected funds which will be set aside as the reward for WINGS token holders for accurate forecasting, up to a certain limit of tokens set on the WINGS platform level. The tokens will be distributed to WINGS tokens holders according to how close their forecasts were to the amount of funds collected by the project.

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