What is the WINGS forecast rating?

Those participating in forecasts on the WINGS platform receive a public rating representing their ability to make correct forecasts.

A participant’s forecast rating increases or decreases following forecasting rounds, and also according to the token holder’s forecast activity. The more accurate a forecast, the more the rating will increase, and similarly, the more inaccurate a forecast is, the more the rating will decrease. There is an equilibrium point for each forecast where the rating will not change at all.

Additionally, an account’s forecast rating is influenced by the outcome of the proposals submitted by the account owner. If a proposal is marked as a spam, then the submitting account will have its forecast rating penalized. If a proposal does not attract many participants or has a narrow spread of forecasts, the forecast rating will not be penalized, however the rating may or may not increase, depending on the forecast results. In case the proposal attracts sufficient participants and has a wide spread of forecasts, the submitting account will have its forecast rating increased.

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