I have lost my passphrase

In a case you have lost your passphrase you cannot recover it by design. Make sure you enter it exactly as it was given to you during Wings.ai account registration. It is important to understand, that your passphrase is not being sent anywhere from your computer. Moreover - your passphrase - it is data, uniquely defining your account, email and password - just encode your passphrase. That means, in order to get authenticated at wings.ai at different browser, one should recover it's account using the passphrase, email and password could be any values.

Please, use the instruction below, might help

Please make sure that:

  1. You do not have any extra spaces (i) between words, (ii) before first word, (iii) after the last word
  2. Make sure you do not copy a newline as part of the seed
  3. Ensure that the first letter of the seed is not uppercase
  4. You do not have more or less than 12 words
  5. There are no repeating words

If the above does not help, it would seem that you are using the incorrect account seed. Unfortunately, for the sake of security, WINGS does not backup or save any account seed.

Please try to recover your account seed.

As a reminder, during the account setup process, you were asked to write the seed down and confirm it. Please try and locate the paper / file where you wrote the seed. Reminder - the account seed is a twelve words passphrase. Here's a video guide that showed how to participate in the donation campaign, perhaps it will help you remember the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s_4lMMJ644&feature=youtu.be&t=4m20s

  • If you used a piece of paper, try locating it
  • Check if you downloaded the seed file – usually in the 'Downloads' folder. By default, the seed file name is called 'wings_seed.txt' or 'wings_passphrase.txt'. If the file was accidentally deleted, there are software solutions that could help you restore it.
  • If you used a clipboard manager such as Ditto, check the clipboard history in attempt to find the seed.
  • Perhaps you took a snapshot and saved it?
  • Is it possible you took a picture with your phone?
  • Maybe you emailed it to yourself?
  • Is it possible you used a different computer to set up the account and backed your account seed there?
  • Could it be you are using some cloud service such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Apple cloud? Perhaps you backed the account seed there?

We truly hope the information above helps and that you will be able to recover the account seed and we thank you for supporting WINGS.

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