What is the idea behind WINGS?

The idea behind WINGS is to provide a decentralized project facilitation platform that provides a friendly user experience for both project creators and those interested in supporting them. The platform provides a complete set of tools for: smart contracts setup, project governance, engagement, crowdfunding and more. Swarm intelligence (via decentralized incentive forecasting) is used to encourage the submission of high quality projects. 

WINGS is the first decentralized platform that supports decentralized due diligence with flexible governance models for the creation and management of decentralized organizations. We want to utilize the power of blockchain technology and smart contracts, while hiding their complexities from both project creators and project supporters. We are taking the concept of chatbots and using it as an interface for any type of smart contract to make it easier for regular people to interact with them.

To learn more about the WINGS Platform system, read the whitepaper on our site.

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